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Title :

ILM Peel and Filling the Optic Disc Pit with Homologues whole Blood for Treatment of Serous Macular Detachment secondary to Optic Disc Pit

Purpose :

To determine the role of ILM peeling and filling the optic disc pit with whole blood in closure of optic disc pit and resolution of serous macular detachment .

Setting/Venue :

Study is on going at Department of Ophthalmology, Post Graduate Medical Institute/Lahore General Hospital,Lahore from June 2014 till to date.

Methods :

13 eyes of 13 patients were included in the study with serous macular detachment secondary to optic disc pit.23 gauge pars plana Vitrectomy ,ILM peeling ,filling the pit with homologous whole blood at the end of surgery under air and endotamponade of air done in all 13 cases. Patients are followed for 06 months. Optical coherence tomography were performed pre operatively and post operatively

Results :

Optic disc pit found filled with blood , confirmed with OCT in all 13 eyes on first postoperative day .On third day post operatively a fibrous tissue been observed in area of pit in 9(69.2%) eyes ,while in 4(30.7%) eyes no fibrous tissue observed in the area of pit .Serous macular detachment resolved completely in 8(61.5%) eyes within 7 days postoperatively while in 1(7.6%) eye on 12th day . Visual improvement was found in all 9(69.2%) eyes .In 04(30.7%) eyes optic disc pit remain opened  at 04th week follow up , no to minimum resolution of serous macular detachment and no improvement in vision in these eyes at sixth month follow up.

Conclusions : 

ILM peeling and filling of optic disc with homologous whole blood and endotamponade of air play a significant role in closure of optic disc pit , resolution of serous macular detachment and improvement of vision.