APOTS @ APAO/AIOS Hyderabad, India 2013

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APOTS @ APAO/AIOS Hyderabad, India 2013

Controversies and Concepts In Ophthalmic Trauma

Chairpersons: Dr Azad, Dr Natarajan

Moderators: A/Prof Gangadhara Sundar, Dr Lingam Gopal

S.NO Topic Speaker Time
1 Ocular trauma: ethical principles and counseling of trauma victim and family- Empowering the patient Dr Ferenc Kuhn 10min
2 Controversies related to anterior segment trauma Dr ViktoriaMester 15min
3 Controversies related to traumatic cataract 10min
4 Controversies related to hyphaema& traumatic glaucoma Dr Lingam Vijaya 10min
5 Controversies related to vitreoretinal trauma 15min
6 Controversies related to orbital and adenxal trauma Dr SantoshHonavar/ Dr Michael Grant 15min
7 Controversies related to traumatic optic neuropathy Prof Neil Miller 10min
8 Controversies in pediatric ocular trauma management Dr Lam,HSC, Toronto 10min
9 Controversies related to sympathetic ophthalmia Prof N Rao 10min
10 Panel discussion:What should I do??? 15min
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