Message from the Scientific Committee – Chairman

Dr-Gangadhara-SundarThe Asia Pacific Ophthalmic Trauma Society(APOTS) was informally formed in Mar 2011 at the sidelines of APAO. Apart from some of the founding members, it had the presence and blessings of Prof Narsing A Rao, Doheney Eye Institute, USA. With its humble small beginning, as scientific chairman, the Society has conducted numerous Instruction Courses and Symposia at various national and international meetings in the Asia Pacific region. Topics addressed at the various conferences over the years include ‘principles and concepts of Ophthalmic trauma management which are addressed at Postgraduate level, Basic – Intermediate level courses for practicing Ophthalmologists and Controversies in Ophthalmic Trauma for the advanced level have all been addressed over the years. APOTS has now relationships with regional ocular trauma societies (Ocular Trauma Society of India, Chinese Ocular Trauma Society) and the International Society of Ocular Trauma (ISOT). Our goal is to enroll more active members and member nations in the Asia Pacific region, foster collaborative clinical, educational and research activities and raise the level of awareness of prevention and management of various aspects of Ophthalmic trauma not just at academic tertiary care centres but at the primary care level as well. We thus wish that the speciality that belongs to no single ophthalmic subspecilaity, becomes a speciality that belongs to every single subspeciality reinforcing the principle that the ‘first time is the best time’ when repair and reconstruction of the traumatized globe and ocular adnexa are concerned.