Message from the – President

Prof. Dr. S. Natarajan
President  APOTS

The Asia Pacific Ophthalmic Trauma Society(APOTS) was informally formed in Mar 2011 at the sidelines of APAO. The objectives of our Society are to encourage dialogue and collaboration between relevant practitioners working in the Asian Sub-Continent and along the Pacific Basin. In these ways, we will enhance knowledge, education and patient care. We hope to take advantage of our geography to enable more affluent sites to share resources and expertise with less affluent areas. Methods envisaged to achieve these objectives include virtual and actual conferences, newsletters, a website with scientific articles and educational case reports and even a system of twinning between departments.

The Society has conducted numerous Instruction Courses and Symposia at various national and international meetings in the Asia Pacific region. Membership is also open to individuals other than ophthalmologists and pathologists, for example radiologists, radiotherapists, ophthalmic nurses and ocularists. Veterinary surgeons would be welcome! If you are aware of a medical or paramedical colleague who would be interested to join our Society. The society has been registered as an International Society in Singapore.

As a President of Ocular Trauma Society of India , Secretary General of Asia Pacific Ocular Trauma Society & the Indian representative of the International Society for Ocular Trauma I am happy & humble to share with you my expeience in Kashmir of past 3 months where there is an urgent need for vitreo retina specialists to tackle the large number of people affected by pellet injury to the eye in Kashmir,” was the request from the NGO Borderless World Foundation. It was TRAUMA in more ways than one – unrest, demonstrations, curfew and nearly 200 people with eye injuries due to pellets, was the request from the Shri Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital (SMHS) Srinagar. The team there had managed to do primary repair to restore anatomy but were overwhelmed by the large number of people requiring removal of pellets lodged inside the eye and repair of the retina. I responded this plea immediately and till date operated 152 people affected by pellets in the eye. I am planning to continue my visits till there is a need for the same.