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Dear Colleague,

We are sure you encounter ocular trauma cases in your practice. Therefore, we would like to invite you to become a lifetime member of Asia Pacific Ophthalmic Trauma Society (APOTS).

The objectives of our Society are to encourage dialogue and collaboration between relevant practitioners working in the Asian Sub-Continent and along the Pacific Basin. In these ways, we will enhance knowledge, education and patient care. We hope to take advantage of our geography to enable more affluent sites to share resources and expertise with less affluent areas. Methods envisaged to achieve these objectives include virtual and actual conferences, newsletters, a website with scientific articles and educational case reports and even a system of twinning between departments.

While it is envisaged that members will come predominantly from the Asia Pacific region, membership is open to any medical whose practice includes ocular trauma. Membership is also open to individuals other than ophthalmologists and pathologists, for example, radiologists, radiotherapists, ophthalmic nurses and ocularists.

The membership fee:

 S.No Type of membership Regular fees (USD)
1 Lifetime Regular membership (Ophthalmologists) 250, 300, 400, 500 – as per
country/ region wise
2 Ancillary healthcare (nurses/ optometrists/ ophthalmic

Trainee membership (Residents/Fellows with program director’s letter of support including start and end of training period)

(Provide letter of training from the Institute)

50 per year x 3 years

Why join APOTS: Funds will be used to cover the administrative costs of developing and maintaining our Society as well as fund raising and in future, the sponsorship of collaborative projects for ophthalmic trauma research. The society has been registered as an International Society in Singapore. The first major initiative of this society is to embark on multicenter ocular trauma registry both retrospective and prospective and is working in close conjunction with International Society of Ocular Trauma (ISOT), Chinese Ocular Trauma Society (COTS) and Ocular Trauma Society of India (OTSI). We will also be launching a trauma awareness program “TRAUMA 500” in joint collaboration with ISOT which will highlight the key features in the management of ocular trauma.

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