THE APOTS Postgraduate Education Module on Ophthalmic Trauma

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THE APOTS Postgraduate Education Module on Ophthalmic Trauman

Supported and conducted by the Asia-Pacific Ophthalmic Trauma Society At All India Ophthalmology society meet held at Agra, India on 5th February 2014 – Dr. Shruthi Tara

The course was basically to give the post graduates an over view on the fundamentals of ocular trauma.

The session was well attended with reasonably good interaction.

The talk was also oriented to prepare the students towards exam.

The course covered the following

  • Epidemiology, pathophysiology of blunt and open globe injuries including consequences
  • Initial evaluation of the patient as a whole : ABCD of trauma
  • Spectrum of Ocular and Ocular adnexal trauma
  • Ocular examination
  • Classification including Terminology in Ocular and Orbital trauma: (BETT)
  • Ocular Trauma Score
  • Principles of emergency, urgent and elective management
  • General principles and concepts of open and closed globe injury
  • Surgical principles in the management of corneo-scleral injuries, anterior segment injury(hyphema, lens disruptions, etc), posterior segment injuries, intraocular foreign bodies, traumatic optic neuropathy and ocular adnexal trauma (eyelid,lacrimal and orbital injuries).
  • Issues related to documentation and medicolegal considerations was also discussed
  • A note on traumatic optic neuropathy imaging considerations (role of ultrasound, CT, MRI) was discussed.