Asia pacific ophthalmic trauma society was set up in 2011 by Prof Azad, Prof Natarajan, Prof Caroline Chee, Prof Ganga and Dr Rupesh Agrawal as founder members to advance the knowledge in field of ocular trauma. No one of us starts a day believing that he will sustain trauma to the most important organ of body which is organ of sight yet thousands of people are injured each day. There is uncertainty in prediction the outcome of a patient with ocular trauma and there is lack of evidence based preferred practice pattern in ocular trauma. Under this umbrella of Asia pacific ophthalmic trauma society, the team decided to set the tone for subspeciality care in field of ocular trauma and to formulate general guidelines through evidence based medicine. The society will Organise meetings, continuing medical education series, will do research in field of ocular trauma and set up multicenter collaborative studies.


To build a network and team of eye care professionals with special interest in ocular trauma to advance the clinical care, science and research in ocular trauma.

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Dr.Rajvardhan Azad
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Dr.Caroline Chee

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